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New Fund for Student Experiences in India

Sangam Pant and Supriya Pande

Student learning opportunities in India recently expanded at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, thanks to a new fund at the school called the Sangam Pant and Supriya Pande Indian Experience Fund

Made possible through a major gift from husband and wife Sangam Pant and Supriya Pande, of Santa Monica, California, the new fund will be used to help students pursue action-based learning experiences in India, including MAP projects and a new Global Initiatives short course called “Doing Business in India,” which will debut in August 2024.

We reached out to Sangam Pant about the couple’s gift  — and their aspirations for its impact at Ross. 

What inspired you two to make this gift?  

The inspiration came from Supriya who wanted to tie back roots to the branches. We both were born and grew up in India, but the U.S. is our home now. She wanted to ensure that there was a bridge between the two countries that others could experience and benefit from!

Why is it important to you to support study-abroad programs and MAP projects in India?

We believe that inter-country business exposure is paramount for the next generation of Ross business leaders. Specifically, both India and the U.S. are very large markets that can learn and benefit from each other in terms of ingenuity and industriousness.

What do you hope the students will experience?

In one word, Serendipity. A priori definition of expectations will not do justice to the journey that they should have. All we want is to have the participants go in with an open mind and come out with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Through your philanthropy, what kind of impact would you like to have? 

Pay it forward. We got lucky in life and want to ensure that others have the same opportunity and exposure to global experiences that have shaped us.

This gift will count toward Foundations for Success, a fundraising initiative to support and enhance the Michigan Ross student experience through scholarships, internships, and action-based learning experiences.

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