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Ross Professor Offers Companies a Step-by-Step Guide to Technology Transformation


If your business is struggling to adapt to the digital world, Ross School of Business Professor Mary Hinesly has some useful insights to share.

In a four-part series for the AMEinfo website, Hinesly and co-author Jay Srage — head of operations-MEA for Ross Executive Education — describe four practical steps that organizations can take to complete a technological transformation

Those steps are:

  • Conducting a digital audit of the firm 
  • Providing education to raise the skill level of employees 
  • Selecting technology based on a rational framework
  • Implementing technology through collaborative communication

“When organizations attend to these four steps, technology adoption happens smoothly — a state of things we call ‘technology cohesion,’” the authors write. “And when they are not happening as they should, technology initiatives stall or fail.” 

In the articles, Hinesly and Srage detail specifically what’s involved for a company when it takes each of the four steps, with examples drawn from the real world.

“Digital transformation impacts the processes and outcomes of every function,” the authors conclude. “It is imperative that each function and each employee understands their part to achieve the goals of the strategy.” 

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