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Today Is World Book Day — Celebrate by Supporting These Books from Michigan Ross Alumni


What better way to recognize World Book Day than to check out a new read from the Ross School of Business community? Take a look at some of the talented alumni’s latest works.

From business strategy and entrepreneurship to children’s fiction, Michigan Ross alumni have you covered. The alumni’s work has received great reviews and provides helpful insights for business professionals, a thrilling escape after a long day, or playful entertainment for the littlest Wolverines.

The Business Casual Yogi

Take Charge of Your Body, Mind, and Career

Author: Vish Chatterji, MBA ’05

Genre / Topic: Health, Fitness, and Dieting

“The Business Casual Yogi” makes the practice and philosophy of yoga accessible to the modern professional. As yoga pervades mainstream society, its philosophies and techniques are proving increasingly relevant to modern leaders today. Filled with physical and mental exercises, diet and lifestyle guides, and meditation techniques, this book will help you attain greater happiness, balance, and success.


Society Girl

Author: Robert Gomez, BBA ’11

Genre / Topic: Fiction

Inspired by true events, “Society Girl” is a melancholic tale of power, loyalty, and survival. The story follows Eric Mihlfried, a young man struggling to survive the Great Depression, who receives an invitation from an old family friend to join Chicago’s high society — but only in exchange for his unwavering loyalty. Eric is able to reap the benefits of his wealthy benefactor until a blindsiding betrayal puts everything in doubt. Mysterious letters, secret codes, and the male libido drive Eric to choose between love, sanity, and revenge, but is it his choice to make?


The Startup Squad

Author: Brian Weisfeld, BBA ’90

Genre / Topic: Children’s Fiction

All great leaders have to start somewhere, and Teresa “Resa” is starting with the lemonade stand competition her teacher assigned to the class but making it a success turns out to be a lot harder than Resa thinks.

In this inspiring story about friendship and entrepreneurship, four young girls quickly realize that the recipe for success is tough to perfect — but listening to each other is the first step. And making new friends might be the most important one.


From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom

Leading Organizations to Values-Based Results

Author: Robert Brado, EMBA ’19

Genre / Topic: Biographies and Memoirs

“From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom” is a leadership memoir full of practical lessons and inspiring case studies to help leaders and aspiring leaders develop, embrace, and strengthen a values-based approach to people, projects, and organizations.


Life's Accessories

A Memoir (and Fashion Guide)

Author: Rachel Levy Lesser, MBA ’03

Genre / Topic: Biographies and Memoirs

Rachel Levy Lesser can relive almost every significant life event through an accessory. A scarf, a pair of earrings, a bag, even a fleece pair of socks ― each contains the elements that put together the story of a life. “Life’s Accessories” is a funny, sad, touching, relatable, shake-your-head-right-along-as-you-laugh-and-wipe-away-tears, coming-of-age memoir. In 14 essays, Lesser tackles sensitive issues like anxiety, illness, and loss in a way that feels a bit like having a chat with a good friend. 


WTF Is Happening

Women Tech Founders on the Rise

Author: Nisa Amoils, BBA ’92

Genre / Topic: Business and Money

Technological innovation is exploding and venture capitalists are continually looking to invest in the next big thing. Although female pioneers are making remarkable strides across a wide range of emerging tech fields — from robotics to virtual reality to drone technology and autonomous flight — they are receiving only a small fraction of the available funding, an inequity that harms both innovator and investor alike. In WTF, tech investor Nisa Amoils profiles a dozen female founders whose remarkable work will make a profound difference in the way we live tomorrow. This eye-opening volume provides a new appreciation of the extraordinary strides being made in disruptive technology by female entrepreneurs who are building a new world. 


Zero Regrets

Author: Meli Casey, BBA ’04

Genre / Topic: Business and Money

“Zero Regrets” is a coaching guide designed to explore eight key choices that individuals should consider in their personal and professional lives. Accompanying stories highlight key elements and corresponding activities help readers make practical changes to daily life.

If you're ready to take your life to the next level and live each day as if it is your last, this guide is for you.


Straight from the Investor's Mouth

111 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Author: Mary Lemmer, BBA ’10

Genre / Topic: Business and Money

Do you ever wonder what investors really think about your company? What they really want to see? “Straight from the Investor’s Mouth” is full of helpful insights based on Lemmer’s years of experience working for an early-stage venture capital firm. After three years, she documented several pearls of wisdom from investors and entrepreneurs as well as hundreds of one-liners, all of which she translated into valuable advice. Each bit of advice is exemplified with a story and a takeaway for entrepreneurs. This book is written for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and anyone who wants to better understand how investors think.