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Two Michigan Ross BBAs Awarded Spots on ‘Best & Brightest’ List for Class of 2020


Ross School of Business students Liza Hochberg, BBA ’20, and Sachit Grover, BBA ’20, are among a list of top undergraduate business majors featured by Poets&Quants as the “Best and Brightest” from the Class of 2020. 

For their intense drive and impressive accomplishments, Hochberg and Grover provide an example of what it means to be the leaders and the best at Michigan Ross. 

P&Q annually publishes its Best & Brightest Business Majors list, which includes standout students from the top 50 undergraduate business schools. Since 2016, the publication has selected nominees based on their academic excellence, extracurricular leadership, personal character, and overall impact on their B-school program.

Meet the two recipients and find out what earned these Rossers the title of “Best & Brightest”: 

Liza Hochberg 

As BBA Student Council president at Michigan Ross, Hochberg knows exactly what it means to lead — and she’s had practice. She gained team management skills through her classes, became the editor-in-chief for the Ross student-run publication the Michigan Business Journal, and served as a student representative for the Faculty Advisory Committee on Financial Affairs. 

Hochberg said she has been most surprised at the breadth of subjects that fall within the scope of business. At Ross, she has most enjoyed what she has learned while in business school:

“Ross equipped me with the soft skills necessary for success in the business world and my own personal life. Collaboration is a top priority in the curriculum as team-based projects are prominent within the Ross classroom.”  

When asked about her biggest accomplishment, Hochberg highlighted her position as BBA Council president. 

According to Stephanie Pawlik, the assistant director of Undergraduate Student Life at Michigan Ross, Hochberg has dedicated her time with the student council to creating an environment of inclusivity and diversity. “Liza has been able to implement many immediate changes that impact the daily lives of BBAs, but the legacy she leaves behind will be shaped by the institutional changes she has championed due to her strategic, forward-looking mindset,” said Pawlik.

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Sachit Grover 

Grover managed to meld his passions for entertainment and business throughout his undergraduate career at Ross. He dedicated his time to creating content for his YouTube channel, “GroBroSach,” and earned the role of president for the Ross Entertainment and Digital Media Club. In addition, he was able to use the Ross entertainment network to land an internship with Eros Now, an entertainment firm in Mumbai that aligns with his interests in the arts. 

While at Ross, Grover said he recognized the unique position he was in and that his degree went beyond business: “The biggest lesson I learned from studying business was to focus on improving myself, and I also learned how to brand myself. Before business school, I was very shy and never went out of my comfort zone; however, coming to business school, I decided to work on creating an image that reflects my interest in acting.”

For his efforts, Grover earned a number of awards including the C.K. Prahalad Award, BBA Mitchell Award, and Leo Burnett BBA Award, a scholarship given to students who demonstrate a strong interest in advertising and marketing communications.

This commitment and dedication to entertainment and marketing earned him recognition by faculty and peers at Ross. Paul Kirsch, managing director of the Office of Undergraduate Education, described Grover as “confident in his pursuits” and said that his energy is “exceptionally welcoming.” 

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