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Two Michigan Ross Executive MBAs Recognized For Being the ‘Best & Brightest’ of 2022


Recent Ross School of Business graduates Kathleen C. Kobashi, EMBA ‘22, and Ramsey Aljahmi, EMBA ’22, were named among the Best & Brightest Executive MBAs of 2022 by Poets&Quants.

To make the list, P&Q looked to honor the 2022 EMBA class members who “personify excellence” through “their academic performance, extracurricular involvement, or professional achievement.” The publication asked 49 top-ranked executive MBA programs, including Michigan Ross, for recommendations of outstanding individuals for their eighth annual Best & Brightest list.

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Dr. Kathleen C. Kobashi, MBA ‘22

Kobashi is the chair of the department of urology at Houston Methodist Hospital, a position that had once been a long-term goal for her, which she obtained during her time in the Michigan Ross EMBA Program. 

“When I entered the EMBA program, I was considering the potential to be a department chair at a leading institution,” she said. “During the program, I was presented with the opportunity to do just that. Not only do I use the tools I learned in business school every single day, but I am almost certain that the opportunity was given to me in large part because of my MBA pursuit.” 

One valuable tool she learned was the importance of asking questions.

“My professors showed me that there was so much more room to learn from unabashedly raising your hand,” she explained. “I have become much more in tuned to encouraging our residents, fellows, medical students, staff, and patients to ask questions. My professors taught me to welcome and foster those questions and to be steadfast in my dedication to ensuring that the answers are effectively conveyed.”

Attending Michigan Ross was a decision that came easily for Kobashi and may have come about with some familial influence. 

The outstanding reputation of the University of Michigan and the Ross School of Business notwithstanding, the exceptional alumni network (about which I heard continuously from my Michigan alum husband), and the unparalleled pride of Michigan alumni in their alma mater, made Ross a hands-down decision for me.

Dr. Kathleen C. Kobashi, MBA ‘22

Kobashi’s advice to those considering the Michigan Ross EMBA program echoes the value of support she received from her family and those associated with the program.

“I would first say, hands down, “Go for it!” I would also advise them to prepare for one of the most challenging, yet one of the most fulfilling and invaluable journeys they will ever undertake. There will be days when you are overwhelmed, but you must lean on your classmates and friends. That also applies to your professors, who, in the Michigan Ross program, will be there to hold you up, teach you, and encourage you,” she said.

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Ramsey Aljahmi, MBA ‘22

With over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing field, Aljahmi is the senior director, manufacturing operational excellence, new product introductions, and central manufacturing engineering at Whirlpool Corp., North America. His long-term professional goal is to become a global leader within the integrated supply chain of a global manufacturing organization.

Aljahmni recognized that many new trends and technological advancements are shaping the industry, and knew that an EMBA from Michigan Ross would help him lead through these innovations. 

Aljahmi told P&Q that he conducted extensive research before deciding on which EMBA program he would pursue, and he believes that he “absolutely made the right decision for myself and my family” by choosing Michigan Ross. 

“Upon review of the top five Executive MBA programs, the leadership and values of the previous cohort were filled with engaging, insightful, and extremely talented individuals. In some ways, I knew I was going to learn as much from them as I would in the formal program, and I knew you could not get this experience from any other institution,” he said. 

Aljahmi is proud of his achievements with the Executive Multidisciplinary Action Project, often called ExecMAP. Aljahmi’s team provided a fresh look at an organization’s business issue and delivered thorough, data-driven recommendations. 

“In our work, our cohort used the latest business tools and techniques,” he explained. “We built relationships with the businesses as we invested in our education and development using our learnings of the current business needs.”  

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