Anthony Oliveri

Anthony Oliveri, MBAn '23

Acquiring the Technical Skills for Success

Anthony Oliveri MBAn ’23 knew he wanted to make an impact in the business world. To be an engaged leader, Anthony knew he needed the ability to lead with data-informed decision making.

A Long Island native, Anthony earned an undergraduate degree in economics at The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan. His undergraduate studies were the building blocks for a great career in business analytics. However, upon graduation, he felt he needed more industry-specific technical skills to begin his career on the right foot.

To forge a path to future leadership, Anthony joined the Ross School of Business to acquire the skills necessary for a high-impact career in data analytics. The one-year Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) program gave him a foundation in analytical techniques, data management, and statistical modeling he hopes to use as a data-driven business leader.

“I found the Master of Business Analytics was the perfect next step in my career. I would get both the technical skills with the data analytics part and the business skills in the business school,” Anthony said. “The technical part is what really made the difference to me. I took a few classes in undergrad, and I really liked them, but the coding and data analysis part was an area I wanted to explore further.”

Finding a Supportive Cohort With Similar Goals

Anthony shared that the cohort experience was crucial to his success in the program. His cohort was made up of individuals of varying ages with different professional backgrounds and technical skills. While learning together, they formed supportive relationships and helped one another succeed.

“I think what stood out the most was just how together we felt. The cohort was 54 of us, but it really just felt like one big family. We were all in it together — we all took the same classes, and we all hung out together.”

Taking Advantage of the Resources at Ross

In addition to building relationships with his classmates, Anthony leveraged many of the professional networking resources available at Michigan Ross. He found the resume review sessions and Coffee Chats offered by the Career Development Office were essential for his career journey and shaped his approach to entering the job market.

“As I was brand-new to the business world, I did not know the direction I wanted to launch my career,” Anthony said. “These chats really helped me discover who I am as a professional and what I am truly interested in. They were incredibly insightful in understanding the many directions I could take in my career. They allowed me to focus my recruiting efforts on specific roles and fields, ultimately leading me to my current position.”

Developing Teamwork and Technical Skills

Collaborating with his cohort, Anthony found that his core courses challenged him and taught him both the critical business and complex data analytical skills he needed for his career. His favorite classes included Data Exploration and Visualization (MBAN 554) with Professor Lennart Baardman and Software Teams and Project Management (MBAN 501) with Professor Sanjeev Kumar in collaboration with the Sanger Leadership Center. The focus on teamwork in the classroom was a touchstone in Anthony’s experience at Ross.

I experienced teamwork in nearly every class during the MBAn program, as many assignments and in-class exercises were team-focused,” Anthony said. “These team exercises allowed me to build my teamwork and leadership skills and develop effective communication, active listening, and the ability to navigate diverse perspectives. As I begin my career, these skills have already proven incredibly useful.

Advice for Prospective MBAn Students at Ross

As an advisory analyst with Deloitte, Anthony utilizes the technical and business skills he learned in the MBAn program, working with different government agencies on their litigations and helping them detect anomalies in complex data.

Anthony’s advice for prospective MBAn students is to brush up on basic technical skills. From his perspective, an understanding of statistics and data analytic basics can enhance the overall MBAn experience. Action-based learning experiences like the Consulting Studio helped put these skills into practice.

Anthony shared that the ability to develop these skills in a business-focused setting put him on a path to succeed in data-informed leadership.

“Looking ahead, I can see my future career path taking on leadership roles in data-driven decision-making,” Anthony said.  “I hope to lead teams utilizing data analytics to drive strategic initiatives, optimize business processes, and deliver valuable insights. My experience during the MBAn program truly opened this door for me, allowing me to develop both leadership and business skills alongside technical, data-analytics-focused capabilities.”