Artur Gushiken

Artur Gushiken, MBA '16

From Sao Paulo to Wall Street

If you’re a mechanical engineering grad in Brazil, the chances of making it to Wall Street are pretty slim. That is, unless you’re Artur Gushiken. He knew that in order to make it in finance in the U.S. he’d need to get an MBA, and he had heard great things about Michigan Ross.

“In Brazil, when I was preparing to get my MBA everything I heard about Ross resonated with me. I knew the banking environment is very competitive, but I felt welcome at Ross. People help you reach your goals.”

He found that even the physical spaces at Ross are built for collaboration. “The infrastructure is amazing, and that’s something people take for granted. The building incentivizes people to stay together and create relationships. Even the town incentivizes that.

In Ann Arbor you do everything together, which builds stronger relationships.

Artur also appreciated the school’s approach to finance. “The professors had us debate topics that aren’t black and white, for example, determining the optimal capital structure. There’s no right answer, but you can discuss the context of the situation and how to approach it in real life.”

His Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) offered a risk-free opportunity to get his feet wet inside a U.S. company. “I had been working in banking, so MAP was an opportunity to try another industry. Working at Amazon gave me a totally new perspective. We were analyzing different markets to deploy same-day delivery. The company was very happy with our recommendations, and two months later I saw it implemented. It was very rewarding to see our work provide value to Amazon.”

Artur can’t think of a better place for international students. “I shared an apartment with an American guy and we became best friends. He ended up pursuing banking as well, so we prepared together and had class together. I would not have had this opportunity in a big city.”