Audrey Horn

Audrey Horn, MBA '15

Global healthcare program manager

Ask Audrey Horn, MBA ‘15, and she’ll tell you Michigan Ross can help you go anywhere. Literally. As an MBA, Audrey spent time in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Colombia, and the Baltics. Not bad for a two-year period.

Traveling was central to her goal at Michigan Ross: transition to the private sector and work in a healthcare role with a global focus.

Audrey just wrapped up a three-year rotational program with Medtronic — the world’s largest medical technology company — where she worked in Global Government Affairs (based in Washington, D.C.) and the Cardiac and Vascular Group. She now resides in the Bay Area, where she develops new care management models for vascular patients across the globe.

Ross, and specifically the Healthcare and Life Science Club, was instrumental in landing her job. “I was VP of Corporate Relations. In that role, I built relationships with recruiters from a range of healthcare companies and conveyed why it was important for them to recruit at Ross. Every industry within healthcare comes to Ross, from pharma to med tech to payers to providers.”

When she was a prospective student, the breadth of healthcare companies was critical to her decision making process.

I knew that Ross would enable me to pursue any path within healthcare.

The Women in Leadership Conference was another deciding factor in coming to Ross. “I was blown away by the network of women at Ross. The community was made up of driven, vibrant, supportive, and fun women; I wanted to be a part of it! During my second year I served as co-president of Michigan Business Women. It was a defining leadership experience that’s had a lasting impact”

When reflecting back on her two years at Ross, Audrey is most grateful for the people she met. “Ross students are really special. They encouraged me to take risks and more importantly, they gave me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone.”