Connor Jaeger

Connor Jaeger, MM '16

Making Waves with a Masters in Management

One of the best features of Ross’ MM Program is its incredibly diverse and talented pool of students and alumni. One of them, Connor Jaeger, is really making a splash. Connor is a decorated two-time Olympic swimmer with NCAA Championship wins, American records, and international medals. Amazingly, he accomplished these feats while earning a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from U-M and a Master of Management from Ross.

“When I walk into Ross, I am surrounded by a group of competitive individuals who are also some of the best at what they do. As busy as I am, I know that everyone in the room has an even busier life than me. I'm really impressed with my classmates and it has been a humbling experience for me.”

Connor sees recognizes differences between the MM and his engineering education, where everyone had a similar point-of-view.

“MM has people who think about things in different ways, and have unique ways to attack or understand it. So I have learned a lot more and this opened my eyes to competition in a different realm – from a work-environment perspective.”

He appreciates the support of the Ross community and humbly gives credit to those who help him in his endeavors in and out of the pool.

“I have a lot of great friends, professors, teammates, coaches, and several great leaders who have shown me the way forward, and motivated me at key times. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

“Whenever my career is over, I’m going to give back. With everything I have learned from so many people who inspired me, I have to try to give back and make a difference like so many have done for me.”