David Lund

David Lund, MBA ‘18

Learning Invaluable Leadership Skills

David Lund, MBA ‘18, has been recognized four times on the Financial Times’ Top 400 Financial Advisors list.

As David’s career accelerated, so too did the pace of change in his industry. To better prepare for coming challenges, he sought to adopt a higher-level perspective in the Executive MBA program.

David’s leadership skills improved significantly. “Others have noticed I’ve become more succinct, more patient, and more empathetic. I use the Michigan Model of Leadership and embrace the idea of trusting the team and their judgment.”

Client relationships have also benefited. “Ross courses are taught from an international perspective. A good portion of my clients are from Mexico, Asia, and Australia, so the global nature of the program is very appealing.”

His coursework is making an impact. “I’ve already seen positive results implementing principles from my operations course. We’ve been able to reduce variability, cut down lead time, and improve our structure dramatically. We’re more predictable and effective — our clients feel that.

“The Ross EMBA is first-class from an organizational perspective, from a technological perspective, and from a people perspective.”