Dr. Betty Chu

Dr. Betty Chu, MBA '13

Going Beyond Medicine

As the medical staff president of Beaumont Health System, Betty Chu represents and advises more than 1,100 physicians, a role that requires deep understanding of business fundamentals.

"Right now I'm on the finance committee, where I'm employing many different skillsets that a typical physician wouldn't rely on," Betty says. "I knew that to be a successful leader I had to expand my education beyond medicine."

But doing that in a way that meshes with the busy schedule of a medical professional was difficult.

"I didn't have time in my schedule to commit to a traditional MBA program. The once-a-month format has been ideal for me," Betty says. "Ross' reputation is undeniable and widely recognized, and as a physician, i'm really differentiating myself with an MBA."

Betty has been practicing medicine for 17 years, which has historically been a fairly autonomous role. But as things change in the medical profession and physicians work more in teams, get more feedback through surveys and scores from their peers, teamwork and leadership skills are becoming increasingly important in the field.

"Ross' Leadership Develop Program gave me a 360-degree view of my skills," Betty says. "We identified my blind spots and built upon my strengths. It's incredible what you can learn."