Hile Ermias

Hile Ermias , WMBA '25

Going From Healthcare to Business Leadership

Having a passion for both healthcare and business, Hile Ermias MBA ‘25, couldn’t follow just one career path. Already having earned an undergraduate degree in public health, he is ready to fully embrace his passion for business and he’s come to the Weekend MBA Program at the Ross School of Business to do just that. 

From One Passion to Another

Hile’s interest in healthcare began at a young age; his mom worked in the field and he saw the impact it could have. Following this passion, he majored in public health at St. Louis University and also worked as an EMT. But he couldn’t ignore his equal passion for business, one that began when he started investing in the stock market at age 15. While going from healthcare to marketing isn't a traditional path, Hile believes it’s given him a unique perspective.

“Public health was an ideal major for me because it empowered me to make an impact in the lives of others,” Hile said. “I learned how to solve large complex problems that had broad impact and involved numerous stakeholders. The versatility of the field provided me with a good foundation to transition to the dynamic business environment where creating meaningful impact is paramount.”

Recognizing that he had some gaps in his business acumen, and wanting to expand his network, Hile decided to pursue his MBA.  

Finding Flexibility in the Michigan Ross WMBA Program

Currently living in Cincinnati, OH and working as a senior brand manager for Procter & Gamble, Hile wanted to attend a top business school within driving distance to allow him to continue to work while earning his MBA. Keeping that in mind, he started exploring his options.

Hile ultimately chose Michigan Ross because of the action-based curriculum and the flexibility of the every-other-weekend format of the Weekend MBA Program, which provides the learning experience he was looking for without sacrificing his personal time. 

Besides being a top 10 school, I liked how Michigan Ross is very much focused on impact and learning by doing, rather than just theory. The flexibility of the program being every other weekend has also been a big plus — it’s really helped me manage my personal and professional schedules well.

First Impressions 

Since he’s arrived at Ross, Hile has been impressed by the culture and network that he heard about before joining the program. The ability to work in teams has provided learning opportunities that have only enhanced his experience.

“I had heard that the people at Ross are very willing to help and I’ve found that to be true,” Hile said. “I’ve also been enjoying the amount of work we do in teams versus strictly individual assignments. I think it’s a big selling point of this program. I get to learn from the experiences of my peers who come from different industries; it’s an accurate representation of what the real world is like.” 

Opportunities In and Out of the Program

Eager to enhance his global experience and strengthen his leadership skills, Hile is looking forward to the international opportunities available through the Multidisciplinary Action Project.

“Ross is the only MBA program that I’m aware of where you can earn credits while working on a consulting project with an international company based abroad. That sounds like a valuable and worthwhile learning experience,” Hile said.  

One of the best parts of the WMBA Program and Michigan Ross for Hile is that there is time for life outside of the program.

“Half of our cohort recently went to a Michigan football game and it was a blast,” Hile said. “The MBA experience is not just about the classroom learning, it’s also an opportunity to connect with a diverse group of individuals, which is an aspect that shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Applying What He’s Learned

Hile’s future plans include further developing his skills to move up at his current company with the goal of becoming a global commercial leader. In the short time he’s been in the WMBA program, he’s already seeing returns on what he’s been learning.

I leave class on Saturday evening and I’m able to directly apply what I’ve learned on Monday morning when I get to work,” Hile said. “The team-based group work has taught me how to effectively manage projects and navigate diverse perspectives. I think this is a critical skillset needed in any industry.

Though not directly working in healthcare now, his role at P&G, provides him invaluable skills that will position him for a successful career making meaningful impact.  

“Working as a brand manager at P&G is an incredible job. I feel privileged to be in the position I’m in and look forward to leveraging my MBA at Ross to accelerate my career.”