Kendall Verbeek, MAcc '15

Taking Advantage of Alumni Networks

The supportive nature of Ross alums helped Kendall thrive in her role as a Postgraduate Technical Assistant at the Financial Accounting Standards Board in Connecticut. “I had the pleasure of working with Jordan Isom, MAcc ‘14, during my first six months and Melissa Rutzen, MAcc ‘15, for the latter six months. Jordan took me under his wing, showed me the ropes, and made sure that my transition to working at the FASB was as smooth as possible.”

“It always surprises me how widespread the Michigan alumni network is,” says Kendall. “I wear clothing identifying me as a Michigan Ross alumna whenever I go somewhere new because it almost always results in interesting conversations and/or valuable connections.”

Kendall appreciates the broad nature of the program and integration with MBA courses. “The Ross MAcc prepared me to succeed along many avenues other than just being good at accounting. I know the critical thinking and analytical skills will continue to help me succeed as I begin a new chapter with Deloitte Advisory.”

“I'll be forever grateful I chose the Ross MAcc over other programs.”