Linda Hagen

Linda Hagen, PhD '16

Utilizing Valuable Research Resources at Ross

I was a PhD candidate in marketing, on the behavioral "side." That means that, in line with my previous studies in psychology (social and organizational) and my interest in experimental psychological research, I now research consumer judgment, decision-making, and behavior in the laboratory by manipulating various elements of consumption situations.

My passion was exploring those factors that facilitate (or hinder) consumers' healthy decision making, such as healthy food choice. I felt that my research had direct, actionable implications for policy, and I hoped I could impact consumer well-being through my work.

Some aspects about Ross that I appreciated the most include the unmatched breadth of interdisciplinary exchange. This included courses in various departments, cross-disciplinary seminar series, special topic mini conferences, and the most regarded speakers coming to campus -- Krugman and Dawkins, Kahneman for a graduation speaker. There was also an insane amount of practical resources available to students -- paid-for summer statistics courses; grants available for research and conference travel; laboratory space and time; complete with lab manager and research assistants, undergraduates willing to volunteer as assistants; access to data sets and the grid for computing. Coming here was the best decision ever. Please feel free to contact me with any questions if you're contemplating!