This year, we are excited to share several changes to the BBA admissions process. These changes are being implemented in order to benefit you throughout the college decision process, because we want you to know you have the opportunity to pursue the Ross BBA when choosing the University of Michigan.

Preferred Admission will be the main enrollment path for the BBA program. we will enroll 500 students, or 80% of our BBA class, through Preferred Admission.

This will allow our incoming BBAs to immediately integrate into the Ross community as freshmen. It will also allow you to know of your Ross admission decision while still in high school.

As we grow our Preferred Admission class, we are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are interested in studying business. To do this, we are introducing the Ross BBA Admissions Portfolio, which will be submitted at the time of completing your Common Application.

Within the portfolio, we are asking you to complete two components:

  1. Choose a current event or issue in your community and discuss the business implications. 
    Propose a solution that incorporates business principles or practices. The review panel will look for creativity, drawing connections, and originality. Please limit this response to approximately 500 words.
  2. Upload a document or artifact that represents something significant about your life to show your learning in action. 
    Describe how your artifact demonstrates your learning in action. Please limit this response to approximately 250 words.

The Ross BBA Admissions Portfolio offers you the opportunity to express your interest, intent, and experience in business. It's also a chance to showcase unique aspects of who you are, because we know that you are more than a number. For more information on the Ross BBA Admissions Portfolio, please visit our Preparing Your Portfolio page.


As an exceptional high school senior, you can guarantee a place in the three-year Ross BBA Program through our Preferred Admission process. By meeting a few requirements during your freshman year at Michigan (see below), you get a head start by learning about Ross and taking a course in the BBA core curriculum.

We review your Preferred Admission application only after the U-M Office of Undergraduate Admissions admits you. We conduct our own, independent application review.

Your Preferred Admission application will show in the "Admission Application Status" page on Wolverine Access. Here you will see the application term (the post-dated sophomore year term), academic career, academic program, application number, and application date. Please know that the application number and date is no indication of admission to the university or the Ross School of Business. All students who apply to the University of Michigan and choose Preferred Admission for the Ross School of Business will have a business application for their post-dated sophomore term. Please utilize our Prospective Student Guide to  Check Your Application Status.

Dates & Deadlines

Early Action Deadline: Nov. 1.

We give preference to applications completed by the University of Michigan's Early Action deadline, Nov. 1. Your application for Preferred Admission will be considered complete only after you have submitted your Ross Admissions Portfolio. We will consider applications completed after Nov. 1 only as space permits.

Regular Decision Deadline: Feb. 1.

Feb. 1 is the last day to submit an application to the University of Michigan’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and your Ross Admissions Portfolio for Regular Decision.


Preferred Admission is competitive. See the Class Profile page for our most recent admission statistics. With that being said, the Preferred Admission class is increasing, and 80% of our students who begin the BBA program their sophomore year will enroll via Preferred Admission.

All applicants must first receive an offer of summer or fall admission to U-M’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; the College of Engineering; the School of Kinesiology (Sport Management only); the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance; or the School of Art & Design.

If you do not receive Preferred Admission, we encourage you to enroll at U-M, which is home to dozens of outstanding academic programs.


When reviewing your application, we consider:

Outstanding academics.

Good grades in challenging academic schedules, including quantitative courses; and highly competitive SAT and/or ACT scores.

Quality extracurricular experiences.

Deep engagement, initiative, and commitment over time. We're looking for quality, not just quantity.

Compelling application essays and Admission Portfolio.

In order to be considered for Preferred Admission, you must indicate your interest on the U-M Member Page of the Common Application and answer the second essay question for the U-M supplement, which is: “Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual-degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests?” (500 words maximum). This essay should clearly explain your interest in business and/or the Ross School of Business. Avoid describing the University of Michigan; the Ross BBA Program; or our rankings, placement data, and class statistics. Rather, highlight what’s important to you. For the University of Michigan essay, focus on your unique interests and goals, and explain how the Ross BBA supports them.

For the Ross Admissions Portfolio, you will write an essay on a current event or issue in your community by describing the business implications and proposing a solution (500 words maximum). For this essay, focus on expressing your interest, intent, and experience in business as it relates to a societal or community issue.

Notification Date

We receive and review applications on a periodic basis from January through April, depending on the volume of applicants admitted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. We can’t review your application until you have been admitted by the university. Therefore, the majority of applicants are notified of their Preferred Admission decision beginning in early March and up until mid-April.

If you are offered Preferred Admission, you have until May 1 to accept the offer.

If you are admitted to U-M in late March or April, you may not receive a response from Ross by the May 1 decision date, and we will notify you of this by email.

Requirements & Expectations

Once you receive Preferred Admission, you must meet the following requirements during your freshman year at U-M:

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.300 or higher by the end of your freshman winter term. GPAs are not rounded up.

  • Complete First-Year Writing, Economics 101, and any course in Calculus I, II, or III at U-M, each with a grade of C or better, by the end of your freshman winter term. AP credit for Calculus I or II (Math 120 or 121) will substitute for the required course in calculus. IB or A-level credit for Economics 101 and U-M Calculus I, II, or III will substitute for the required courses in economics and calculus.

  • Complete a minimum of 27 graded credits at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, each with a grade of C or better, during your freshman fall and winter terms combined.

    • AP, IB, A-level, and transfer credits do not count toward the 27 required credits.

    • Preferred Admission students are expected to take classes on a graded basis (unless the class has a mandatory Credit/No Credit basis) to meet the 27-credit requirement.

    • Courses in the Officer Education Program do not count toward the 27 required credits unless they are cross-listed in another U-M department.

    • Courses in the School of Kinesiology that are listed as NFC under LSA policy do not count toward the 27 required credits. Please go to the Non-LSA School of Kinesiology credit listing for the complete list of approved credits.

    • May Trip Courses offered through Ross Global Initiatives during the winter term do not count towards the 27 required credits.

    • Students who receive only 2 credits in Math 105 after taking Math 103 are considered to have earned 4 credits in Math 105 for the sake of meeting our admission requirements.

  • As a Preferred Admission student, you are also expected to meet the following conditions of the program during your freshman year at U-M:

    • Enroll in BA 100, Introduction to Ross: Foundations in Learning Business, offered specifically for Preferred Admission students. This 1.0 credit, biweekly course introduces students to the world of business while supporting their transition and building a collaborative learning community, providing students with a foundation to make the most of their time at the Ross School of Business and the University of Michigan.
    • Enroll in and complete BCOM 250: Introduction to Business Communication (a 1.5-credit course) with a C or better during winter term of your freshman year.

    • Meet with your Ross academic advisor regularly to assess your academic progress and ensure that you are taking advantage of appropriate resources, allowing for successful enrollment into the BBA Program your sophomore year.