Katie Ehlers

Katie Ehlers, BBA ’17

Finding Community at Ross

Living in San Diego her whole life, Katie wanted a new experience in college— specifically, the experience of a classic Big Ten university. And since she was focused on a business education, the rankings and reputation of Michigan Ross stood out.

“Ross is an excellent program, and every alum I talked to was very passionate about their time here. It really made it easy to decide what school to attend,” she says.

Katie earned Preferred Admission to Ross as a high school senior. Freshman year, she took a lot of her distribution requirements, which opened up her schedule to take more business electives in later years. She also explored her other interests, trying classes like computer science and Spanish. And now she’s enjoying the new BBA MERGE curriculum at Ross.

The flexibility of the Ross BBA Program allows Katie to pursue a lot of accounting and finance classes, which is exactly what she likes; she’s planning on a career in accounting. It’s all working out the way she planned.

“It’s a really good business school, but it’s also part of the University of Michigan community,” she says. “I really wanted to join the community, and I really wanted those experiences.”