Michigan Ross offers three outreach programs to introduce and educate students on what it means to be a successful business student and professional.

For High School Students


MREACH - Michigan Ross School of Business Enriching Academics in Collaboration with High Schools

MREACH provides career enrichment, academic preparation, and hands-on business activities for underrepresented groups, including first-generation college-bound students, and students from lower socioeconomic standing.

MREACH brings Michigan high school students to Ross for a series of active learning experiences focused on the fundamentals of business and also offers insight into the college planning process and careers in business.

Direct questions to mreach@umich.edu


The LEAD (Leadership Education And Development) SBI (Summer Business Institute) aims to expose students to business principles and the skill sets needed for successful business careers.

Students apply to the LEAD program and are selected and placed at some of the nation's top business schools, including the Ross School of Business. Selected students from across the country come to Ross in July to engage in academic sessions, corporate visits, cultural and social activities, and college preparation.

For U-M Freshmen

The Preparation Initiative

The Preparation Initiative is a learning community designed for students who are serious, hard-working self-starters who dream of one day leading socially responsible businesses that are a positive force in people's lives, and who intend to apply to the three-year Ross BBA Program. 

The Preparation Initiative seeks students who have two characteristics: First, through any variety of means, they have demonstrated their potential for outstanding, socially responsible leadership in the business world. Second, for reasons beyond their control, their pre-college learning situations have left them unprepared to realize that potential through conventional university alternatives.

All University of Michigan full-time students can apply to the Preparation Initiative. Applicants must be enrolled in at least one of the BBA Program prerequisite courses and have the intent of applying to the BBA Program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and the deadline is Aug. 1 of each year.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs at prepinitiative@umich.edu for further information. 


The Ross Summer Connection (RSC) is a four-week program for incoming freshmen that helps them prepare to thrive through their journey at Ross and beyond.

RSC is intended for, but not limited to, students from underrepresented groups, first generation college students, and students from schools that may not have offered rigorous curricula, such as advanced placement courses. These incoming BBAs have demonstrated the skill set and potential to be the high-impact, expert, and socially aware business leaders that organizations are looking for today.

The program immerses students into the Ross and U-M culture, building on their social, academic, and personal development. Combining traditional classroom instruction, hands-on learning, and soft skills building, students attend prerequisite courses in economics, calculus, and writing; weekly seminars on time management and study skills; mentoring meetings; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) sessions; and much more.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs at rossacadsuccess@umich.edu for more information.