Digital Transformation and Innovation

Incorporate technology into your business strategy. Improve your personal understanding and application of how emerging technologies can drive growth in your organization.

Raise your “digital fitness” by exposing yourself to current and next practices related to information systems and digital strategies to become leaders in your field.

This course will introduce you to new business models and value-generating opportunities enabled by fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital interfaces, digital platforms, and big data. You will leave with applicable frameworks and practical examples on how to use digital innovation to gain a competitive advantage.

What Sets This Program Apart

  • A unique blend of tech intuition and application with a focus on business value generation taught by a leading scholar of digital transformation. 
  • Course content covers the fourth industrial revolution and leads to new insights about how tech is evolving and how the evolution is reshaping service and manufacturing industries.
Who Should Attend
  • Business Unit Managers, General Managers, Regional Managers, Directors and other manager/ leader titles
  • Senior and mid-level leaders from different job functions such as general management, finance, sales, legal and computer engineering
  • Organization team leaders and individual leaders of all levels in the organization from a variety of industries such as manufacturing, sales, technology, media, automotive and biotechnology
  • Leaders and those who want to drive new growth opportunities in their organization and industry, accelerate career opportunities in a landscape of rapid tech-induced change, develop a tech mindset, and minimize multidimensional risk

Program Structure

This five-week online course consists of eight asynchronous modules and the course concludes with a live synchronous session. The combination of the online platform, discussion groups and interactive live session foster a dynamic learning environment.

Time Commitment
Duration: 5 weeks
Weekly Coursework: 5-7 hours/week
Format: Asynchronous & Synchronous sessions

Week 1

  • Module 1: The Business Imperative of Digital Transformation and Innovation (DTI)
  • Module 2: Drivers of Change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

Week 2

  • Module 3: Digital Innovation Building Blocks
  • Module 4: Value Generation Frameworks

Week 3

  • Module 5: Digital Transformation in Global Shipping - The Service Ecosystem Business Model
  • Module 6: Digital Transformation in Durable Goods - The Product Ecosystem Business Model

Week 4

  • Module 7: Digital Transformation of Operations and Workflows
  • Module 8: Mitigating Digital Risk - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ethics, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Week 5

  • Live Session: Individual Tech Consulting Project

After the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an effective business case for a new strategic tech initiative
  • Identify potential risks and challenges of new digital applications as well as mitigations and remediation’s
  • Partner with tech experts to support digital tactics and strategies that further organizational strategy and mission as well as improve operational efficiency
  • Understand key business value opportunities across business sectors for leading fourth industrial revolution technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), etc.
  • Manage data information security risks in organizations

Faculty Thought Leadership
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Tuition & Fees

Tuition covers access to the course platform, content and activities. 

Program registration closes five business days prior to the program start date.

Tuition must be paid in full in US dollars (net of any tax) before access to the course platform can be granted.

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