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Driving Sustainable Transformation in 2024 and Beyond

Today’s global business leaders have an imperative role in driving sustainable transformation in their organizations and generating sustainable value for stakeholders and society at large.

With the ESG landscape having undergone dramatic change over the past few years with mounting social and environmental challenges impacting current sustainability priorities and strategies, it has become increasingly important for business leaders to navigate this dynamic environment with strategic foresight and innovative solutions.

On Jan. 29, expert panelists from Michigan Ross and The Erb Institute collectively explored the intricacies of ESG and sustainability, delving into evolving strategies beyond conventional approaches. The panelists emphasized the significance of stakeholder engagement, the sustainable value framework, and the Equity Analytics framework, providing insights into fostering sustainable leadership by addressing challenges, innovating, and promoting equity in organizational practices.


Panelist Presentations:

Featured Faculty
Thomas C. Kinnear Professor and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies
Associate Professor of Organizational Studies and Associate Professor of Program in the Environment, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts