Brad Borland

Brad Borland

Executive Coach
Career Background

Brad’s career spans over 25 years of diverse executive coaching, leadership and organization development, and succession planning experience with Fortune 500 firms and other industry-leading organizations. Brad served in officer level and functional lead roles at Gale Group, Thomson (now Thomson-Reuters), and Kelly Services. Throughout Brad’s tenure, he served as a trusted advisor to senior executives and other leaders regarding their own and others’ career and strategy-enabling development. Brad has had the privilege of partnering with leaders to guide their in-role and new-role growth as they develop via new insights, feedback, alliance creation, and experience-based development.

Coaching Approach

Brad provides grounded, actionable insight regarding current leadership practices with key stakeholder partners (e.g. board members, industry analysts, fellow leaders, team members, clients). He establishes client-led career and development goals and guides successful role transition for new-to-role and new-to-organization leaders inclusive of “First 90 Days” plan of achievement. Brad also envisions and implements effective team and stakeholder alliances to achieve mutually and organizationally beneficial goals.

Brad’s approach enriches leaders’ ability to plan and mine growth via next-role guidance, new roles or assignments, and/or refined means of leading and collaborating. He enables leaders to create personal accountability for practicing, refining, and improving the leadership behaviors to which they authentically commit.