Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

What are the next steps in the waitlist process?

First and foremost, be sure to accept our waitlist offer by following the steps outlined in your admission decision posted on Wolverine Access. You can provide us with updated GMAT, GRE, TOEFL,  or PTE scores at any time  by emailing the score report to RossAdmissions@umich.edu

I've accepted the offer to be on the waitlist. Will I receive a confirmation email?

When you accept our waitlist offer through Wolverine Access, you do not receive a confirmation email, but you will see a statement in Wolverine Access noting that you have completed the process to accept our waitlist offer. 


What are my chances of being admitted from the waitlist?

The number of students admitted from the waitlist varies from year to year depending on a variety of factors.  The number of people on the waitlist also fluctuates throughout the cycle as individuals' circumstances change.

When will the Admissions Committee make admission decisions from the waitlist?

We will make decisions throughout the admissions cycle. Applicants waitlisted in Rounds 1 & 2 will be reconsidered in subsequent rounds.  If there is any change in your status, we will notify you on the next notification date via Wolverine Access (under New & Prospective Student Business) where you accessed your original decision.  If there is no change in your status in the subsequent round, we will keep your application under consideration as space becomes available in the class.  The majority of decisions on waitlisted applicants will occur in May and June. U.S. applicants will remain in consideration until August 15.  International applicants will be considered until June 17, due to visa processing requirements. 

Please be aware that if you are a waitlisted candidate who is offered admission, you will likely need to make your enrollment decision very quickly, usually within 48 hours.

How does being on the waitlist affect my chances for financial aid (for U.S. citizens & permanent residents)?

Although financial aid consideration begins once an applicant has been admitted from the waitlist, we strongly recommend submitting your FAFSA information as soon as possible.  In the event that you are admitted from the waitlist, having your FAFSA completed will expedite the financial aid review process.