The Michigan Ross BBA Waitlist - Details and Information


In mid-April we released our final admissions decisions for high school applicants. A very small group of applicants were given a waitlist decision. We recognize that being on the waitlist may cause uncertainty, including what it means for your chances of being admitted to the Michigan Ross BBA Program. Therefore, I wanted to address common questions waitlisted applicants have and what you can do while you await your final admission decision. 

What is the waitlist?

The waitlist is part of the decision process that allows many university programs, including Michigan Ross, to manage enrollment for the upcoming fall. If you were offered a spot on the Michigan Ross BBA waitlist, it means that you were viewed favorably by the admissions committee. The waitlist decision was given because we did not have enough room at the moment to offer you admission to the incoming class. However, if students who were admitted do not accept their admission offer, and space is available, we fill those open seats with applicants from the waitlist.

Essentially: The waitlist means, if we have room, you could still be offered a spot in the class.

What are my chances of getting off the waitlist?

Your chances of getting off the waitlist are based on the number of applicants, the number of accepted students who decline an offer, and the number of people on the waitlist.

This year, we received about 9,200 applications for 500 seats in the Michigan Ross BBA Program. Enrollment deposits for the accepted applicants are due on May 1, so we will not know how many students will or could be offered admission from the waitlist until after that date. We will then take a few weeks to finalize the data and then offer admission from the waitlist, if possible. 

We know that is not an exact answer, but it’s honestly all we can provide until we get further into the enrollment process.

Students on the waitlist will hear back from us by the end of June at the latest, but usually in May. Please continue to monitor your email for additional communication. 

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being admitted off the waitlist?

Unfortunately, no. There is nothing further you can do to increase your chances of being admitted off the waitlist.

Does this mean any additional materials I send will not be looked at?

To maintain a fair review process for everyone, we do not request or require students on the waitlist to submit additional information. If you choose to share additional information with us, we will include it in your applicant file and make a note of your updates.

However, there is no guarantee that this new information will be considered alongside your application. We truly base our admissions decisions off what is shared in your already completed application and Ross Admissions Portfolio.

Can I join the waitlist if I was denied admission?

No, you cannot join the waitlist if you were already denied admission to the BBA Program. In accordance with the University of Michigan's appeals policy, Michigan Ross does not offer the opportunity to appeal an application decision, nor do we offer the opportunity to be added to a waitlist. Once a decision is released, the application decision is final.

What can waitlisted applicants do now?

While you wait to hear from us, we strongly suggest waitlisted applicants continue making plans for attending U-M in the fall through your admitting college (i.e. LSA, Engineering, etc.). Every program of study at Michigan is strong, and even if you are not offered a spot at Ross from the waitlist, there are many ways you can still be involved in business during your time here. I even wrote a blog post last spring on How to Have a Michigan Ross Experience Beyond the BBA

We continue to monitor the enrollment process and encourage you to enroll at the University of Michigan.