Andrew Horne

Andrew Horne

Class of 2023

Upon graduating from undergrad at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Sciences in Economics I came to the University of Michigan for my Doctor of Dental Surgery. Following my four years in Ann Arbor I traveled to the University of Colorado for my residency in Orthodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry. Finishing my dental degrees in Denver and with a desire to stay in Colorado to hike and enjoy the scenery I founded a sole practitioner orthodontic office, Smiling Springs Orthodontics, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Being a business owner for 5 years, growing an office, managing employees, choosing healthcare plans, marketing, accounting was all very exciting. Eventually I decided to move on from Colorado and move back to my home of Arizona, I sold my business and started thinking what I wanted to do next. With my lifelong pursuit of knowledge, the changing world of dentistry, and my heavy interest in business I was ecstatic to find my way back to University of Michigan to pursue an MBA. Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

Arizona State University

Graduate Education

University of Michigan
University of Colorado

Areas of Interest

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Career Interest
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Graduate Major
Doctor of Dental SurgeryOrthodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry