International Students

Companies across the world are home to citizens from all over the world — and so is Michigan Ross.

Around 34 percent of our full-time MBA students and nearly 11 percent of our BBA students are from outside the United States. Additionally, every year we typically welcome 70-100 exchange students from dozens of different countries.

We believe that to succeed in business, you must not only build strong relationships founded in intercultural understanding, but experience it. Part of that experience comes with interacting with students from across the globe, which is why we’re proud to welcome international students to Ross.

And after graduation, with more than 52,000 alumni in 111 countries around the world, you are virtually guaranteed to connect with a Ross alum wherever your career path may take you.

Groups and Clubs

Africa Business Club

Asia Business Conference

Brazilian Business Student Association

European Business Students Association

Greater China Association

Indian Subcontinent Business Association

Japan Business Association

Korea Business Club

Latin American Business Student Association

Taiwan Business Association

Annual Events

International Student Orientation

India Business Conference

China Conference

Programs and Initiatives

University of Michigan International Center

U-M’s International Center provides ongoing information, support, and assistance across a wide variety of issues: visa and immigration questions, employment, taxation, health insurance, cross-cultural issues, and other practical concerns important to the successful program completion and quality of life for international students. In addition to ongoing support, each fall the International Center sponsors a series of orientation workshops for new students.

The English Language Institute (ELI)

The ELI offers a variety of courses for non-native speakers of English enrolled at the University of Michigan. The courses are designed to help you enhance linguistic and communicative skills in order to become more effective, fully-participating members of the academic community while on campus and beyond.