Professional Headshot

Ashlyn Underwood

Class of 2021

Growing up in Arkansas, I always knew that I wanted to attend a globally recognized university that would give me access to top accounting firms. I attended both the BBA and Master of Accounting programs at Michigan Ross, graduating in 2021. My favorite part about the MAcc program is the huge variety of elective classes. Based on my interests in finance, I took many different finance and banking electives to tailor the MAcc program to my career path. I now work in Financial Services Audit with large banking clients, and I use knowledge from these electives on a daily basis. Additionally, you never have to leave the Ross building to get a job. I was able to recruit and interview with all of the Big 4 directly within Ross. Through Ross recruiting, I participated in two Summer Leadership programs as a sophomore, interned with KPMG as a junior, and accepted my full-time offer with KPMG before my senior year even started. I have worked in public accounting for three years and can safely say that the MAcc program prepared me for the future!