Dave Martina

Dave Martina

Class of 2023

I have enjoyed a slightly non-traditional career trajectory to date, studying music composition in undergrad and working for 3 years on major Hollywood productions. Wanting to expand my experience with business applications of creativity, I began producing videos and doing brand strategy and design work for clients, ultimately culminating in two stints at in account management at advertising agencies: first at Leo Burnett on the GMC account, and then in business development at Campbell Ewald (both in Detroit).

I’m still fascinated by the ways in which creativity is applied to business, and have now turned my focus to understanding the levers of innovation and strategy. I came to Ross to learn the “rules and tools” of business, and am working toward a strategy consulting role upon graduation.

I chose the Ross Weekend program for three reasons: it would allow me to continue developing work experience while in school (and not incur as much debt!); it also enabled me to earn a 2-year MBA without uprooting my family; and of course, Ross itself is a top-ranked school, with all of the opportunities for education, connections and development that accompany that status.

Happy to talk to anyone coming from a less traditional background (especially in the arts), trying to decide decide which program is right for them, or just wants to learn more about Ross or business school in general. Don’t hesitate to reach out!