Joseph Kind

I am passionate about the ways in which business, education and technology can be utilized as tools for equity and impact. Following two years in project management and education administration, I spent the last four years as an elementary school teacher in Harlem, New York, where I lead reading, writing, math, and science instruction across 2nd-4th grade classrooms averaging 26 students each. I loved the immediate impact of my work, particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, I came to Ross because I found myself wanting to have a larger-scale impact on the broad, rapidly changing education technology landscape. The plethora of action-based learning opportunities at Ross, as well as the thoughtful conversations I had with current students and alumni, made me feel like Ross was the right place for me to develop a strong business acumen amongst a close-knit community.

Talk to me about art, group fitness classes, astrology, NYC restaurants, and/or podcasts. Go Blue!