Keji Gbadebo

I am an individual of many interests. I immigrated to the United States from Nigeria as a teenager. My hobbies include: Living an active lifestyle, riding motorcycles, playing with my dogs & traveling.

Before joining Ross, I spent four years working in the Manufacturing/Tech sector, focused on operations as a civilian while also serving in the Army part-time. I have enjoyed my time and am grateful for the dual experience of the opposite spectrum, but I knew that I would eventually have to make the next step which was to pursue an MBA. I wanted an MBA to fine-tune the skills needed to pivot into Tech, but I never felt ready. I want to tell anyone reading this now that you are prepared. Self-doubt will only delay, but you must ignore it and take that first (hardest) step. If I can do it then, so can you. The results of taking that first step led me to Ross.

For me, nothing compares to Ross. I felt right at home even before stepping on campus. The limitless career opportunities, hands-on learning, and supportive community made it a no-brainer. I am glad to be here and am open to answering questions or sharing my experience at Ross. Feel free to reach out, and good luck.