Madeline Adler Headshot

Madeline Adler

Class of 2023

After my undergraduate experience at Michigan Ross, I could not imagine a better place to take a deep dive into graduate accounting. The brilliant faculty and the school's pedagogy of fostering high-performing teams, coupled with the amazing experiences that come from the University of Michigan community at large make Ross the perfect environment to grow through rigorous coursework and interdisciplinary exploration. The Ross accounting faculty are passionate and driven to create the next generation of incredible accountants. I knew Ross was the perfect home to develop my knowledge and increase my passion through the incredible resources and faculty the University of Michigan offers. The Ross Master of Accounting program has attracted an incredible class of 2023! I have loved connecting with peers from around the world who are pursuing all kinds of interesting career paths. We had a blast while also encouraging each other to grow and be our best selves — in and out of the classroom. During my MAcc year, I had an abrupt change in my career path and decided to pursue a PhD--working towards an academic research and teaching position. The MAcc program gave me a better understanding of the financial system and accounting's role in information creation and dispersion and helped grow my critical thinking and analysis skills. Working with faculty and CDO helped me successfully navigate this change.