Nibin Abraham Mattam

Class of 2024

A strong passion for technology and products drove me to a long and fulfilling career as a Software Engineer with Oracle Cerner. After eight years, I realized that it was time to hone my leadership and business acumen and decided to apply to pursue a part-time program. For me, picking Ross from the top MBA programs in the country was a no-brainer since it stands out with its well-structured curriculum and a strong emphasis on action-based learning.

I live in Kansas City and fly to Ann Arbor every other weekend to attend the classes. If you are also planning to commute long-distance, certainly reach out to me for tips and tricks. Even though I spend relatively less time in Ann Arbor than others, the lockstep nature of the program has helped me develop strong bonds.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions related to Ross or the WMBA Program. Go Blue!