Vince Myers Headshot

Vincent Myers

Class of 2023

After graduating from Penn State with a Bachelor's in Accounting, I enrolled in the MAcc program at the University of Michigan. I chose Michigan over other master's degree programs for several reasons, including reviews of former students and the weight that the name the Ross School of Business carries. The MAcc program was the perfect fit for me to meet the 150 credit requirement for the CPA exam while furthering my background in accounting. The program allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of electives, and students can specialize their schedule toward their interests. For individuals like myself who were looking for new job offers during the year, the MAcc program took students to Detroit in September to speak with accounting firms looking to hire new employees for the following year. This trip was an excellent opportunity for students to lock down a job offer early and start building their professional network. I thought one of the biggest takeaways from the program was the day-to-day interactions with classmates. All MAcc students shine both academically and with impressive resumes. This network of students helps to hold one another to a higher standard within the classroom, encouraging growth in a program designed to provide a well-rounded foundation in multiple aspects of one's future accounting (or consulting) career. The program emphasizes preparing students for current topics in the accounting profession that new individuals in the workforce will likely encounter once they begin their jobs. This insight into the current issues impacting the accounting profession is one of the best takeaways from the program and one of the first things I noticed that helped me when starting to work with my clients. If you enroll in the MAcc program, I highly encourage you to join and actively participate in the MAcc Student Association (MSA) to experience the best the Ross School of Business has to offer!