Bargaining and Influence Skills --- Negotiation Strategy in a Global Economy

Course Code
MO 512

2.25 hours
Graduate Standing

Bargaining and Influence Skills --- Negotiation Strategy in a Global Economy - An MBA without a developed understanding of the social psychology and economics of effective negotiations cannot be an effective leader. In virtually all business decisions, the resources you want to invest and what you expect to receive in return are open to explicit and implicit negotiations. The course introduces a real-world toolkit for a strategic approach from pre-negotiation planning to post-negotiation evaluation. It focuses on joint value creation, profit maximization, and conflict management. Importantly, this course provides a challenging and developmental environment. Intensive simulations with peer review and rapid-feedback, personal journals and coaching are deployed to make you more comfortable and successful as a negotiator. This course is designed to help you develop strategic flexibility in negotiating across a variety of contexts, whether cultural, professional, or personal.

Given the experiential nature of pedagogy, enrollment in each section will be limited and attendance is mandatory. Registered students must be present from the beginning of the first class session to retain their registration in the class. This course is complementary to BL 510. Students interested in developing strong negotiation skills are encouraged to take both MO 512 and BL 510 in either order.