Businesses and Leaders: The Positive Differences

Course Code
BA 200

3 hours

Businesses and Leaders: The Positive Differences --- Businesses and their leaders coexist with society and are both influenced by and influencers of societal issues. In this course, we explore the competing tensions of how business practices and leaders impact organizational performance as well as broader social outcomes across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We will look at social issues that arise from business operations that result in threats to public goods and market failures; how societal issues create space for business opportunities; and the leveraging of corporate resources to solve societal problems that create values for stakeholders and shareholders. In addition to studying the role of business in society, this course examines personal and professional responsibility. This will entail students examining the connections between personal values, career goals, ethical decision making, and moral courage. Also, students will reflect upon their responsibilities and contributions to the Ross community and the business profession, and develop personal plans to guide their actions.