C-Level Thinking

Course Code
WMBA 513

2.25 hours

C-Level Thinking --- Executives at the highest levels of an organization face challenges that are qualitatively different than those faced at other levels of an organization. This action-based-learning course challenges students to engage in "C-Level thinking" in teams. C-Level thinking involves: (a) constant monitoring the company?s situation, internally and externally; (b) identifying significant developments, both threats and opportunities; (c) discriminating real from phantom threats and opportunities; (d) determining the true nature of the forces driving real threats and opportunities; (e) developing a course of action to dealing with these threats and opportunities; (f) building an understanding of the best process to achieve (a) to (e). The first two steps outlined above will have been completed by the sponsoring company prior to the beginning of the course. The course entails carrying out steps (c)-(f) in the decision process sketched above, in the context of a real, current development facing that company, and with an appropriate emphasis on creative, synthetic, and critical thinking.