Consumer Behavior

Course Code
MKT 313
3 hours
  • Fall 21
  • Fall 22
  • Spring/Summer 21
  • Winter 21
  • Winter 22
BBA Junior or above (undergrad only) or Ross Minor or Non-Ross Junior or above (undergrad only)

Consumer Behavior --- Formulation of appropriate and effective marketing strategies must begin with a clean and accurate understanding of consumers. This includes an understanding of consumer needs and wants, the process by which they are satisfied, and the environment in which the behavior occurs. The objectives of the course are as follows: (1) to introduce the student to concepts developed in psychology, economics, and sociology and their relationship to consumer behavior, (2) to involve the student directly in the study and analysis of consumer behavior, and (3) to develop in students the ability to translate what can be learned into marketing action implications.

Taught By
Amy Angell
  • Lecturer II in Marketing
As a marketing lecturer, consultant, and small business coach, I am a firm believer in investing time in relationships. Through my work, I have had...
Shalena Srna
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing
Shalena Srna (pronounced shah-lee-nah sur-nah) is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business...