Corporate Restructuring

Course Code

1.5 hours
BBA Junior, BBA Senior, Minor in Business, MAcc, MM or MBAN

Corporate Restructuring --- This course aims to provide students with a strategic framework for dealing with corporate restructuring issues in their future careers. While it is a harsh reality, firms do not always grow and thrive using strategies such as mergers and acquisitions. They often suffer from underperformance or even financial distress due to internal mismanagement, such as excess leverage and overdiversification, or external challenges, such as geopolitical conflicts and technological disruptions. A crucial strategy for combating this situation is corporate restructuring, which enables firms to overcome obstacles by becoming financially more liquid and strategically more agile. The scope of this course is broader than bankruptcy, and covers a wide array of restructuring approaches that firms can use to renew themselves, including divestitures, carve-outs, and reorganization. Unlike courses on growth strategies, this course concerns how firms can become smaller and more focused, and find optimal ways to (re)deploy resources. Asa strategy course, it integrates many concepts covered in functional courses such as accounting, finance, and law. It invites industry experts to help students learn how to apply course frameworks in real world situations. This course is useful for those interested in corporate restructuring, law, consulting, investment banking, and private equity.