Cross-cultural Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Course Code
3 hours
  • Winter 20 (B)
  • Winter 21 (B)
No credit in BL 310

Cross-cultural Negotiation and Dispute Resolution --- The ability to negotiate effectively is essential to business success, especially in a global economy. This course emphasizes negotiation strategies and skills that enable managers, functional specialists (for example, in finance, marketing and accounting), consultants, entrepreneurs and others to create and claim value in a manner that enhances long-term business relationships. Among the specific topics in the course are legal and ethical frameworks for negotiation, psychological tools that enhance negotiation effectiveness, and negotiations strategies for dispute resolution (including the use of third party processes such as mediation and arbitration in resolving business disputes). Because the course is offered in an international setting, special emphasis is placed on cross-cultural negotiation and dispute resolution. Included in this cross-cultural experience are: (1) negotiations with local students; (2) feedback provided from and given to your negotiating counterparts regarding your negotiation strategy and tactics; (3) interviews of locals and using a cross-cultural assessment tool, and (4) sessions with local managers, entrepreneurs and government officials.

Taught By
Cindy Schipani
  • Merwin H. Waterman Collegiate Professor of Business Administration
  • Professor of Business Law
Cindy A. Schipani is the Merwin H. Waterman Collegiate Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Business Law at the University of...