Doctoral Seminar in Corporate Strategy

Course Code
1.5 hours
  • Fall 21 (A)
  • Fall 22 (A)
  • Winter 21 (A)
  • Winter 21 (B)
  • Winter 22 (A)
  • Winter 22 (B)

Doctoral Seminar in Corporate Strategy --- STRATEGY 897, 898, and 899 cover topics in Corporate Strategy research. Over a two-year cycle, the courses provide sequential coverage of topics including industry analysis, business and corporate strategy, research methods, strategic change, the roots of strategy research, economic strategy, and organizational strategy.

Taught By
Jordan Siegel
  • Professor of Strategy
  • Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow
Jordan Siegel is a Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Professor Siegel is also a Research Fellow at the...
Derek Harmon
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy
My research is broadly concerned with how organizations manage relationships with key stakeholders (e.g., investors, employees, the media, etc.)...
Michael Jensen
  • Professor of Strategy
My research focuses on the role of social structures in markets. I view markets as social structures that encompass social networks and cognitive...