Entrepreneurship Research Seminar

Course Code
BA 822

1 - 3 hours

Entrepreneurship Research Seminar --- This course introduces students to academic research on entrepreneurship. Given multi-disciplinary interest in the entrepreneurship phenomenon, we examine research from various social science disciplines (e.g., economics, management, psychology, sociology) that uses various methods (e.g., ethnography, experiments, formal modeling, quasi-experiments, and simulation). An objective of this course is to prepare students to produce a manuscript that should (eventually) be publishable by a reputable scholarly journal. Regular assignments help students design research projects that are rigorous in terms of theory and methods. Substantive feedback is provided on students' research ideas throughout the course. The final course assignment is a paper that motivates and addresses a research question of substantial importance to the field of entrepreneurship. Theoretical and/or empirical papers are appropriate. This course is suitable for all doctoral students, regardless of their stage in the program or area of study, and for students in any Ross area (e.g., Management and Organization, Business Economics and Public Policy, Strategy) and/or social science discipline (e.g., Sociology, Psychology, Political Science). Interested students should feel free to email the instructor to learn more ([email protected]).