ExecMap - Multidisciplinary Action Projects

Course Code
EMBA 640
6 hours
  • Fall 21
  • Fall 22

ExecMap - Multidisciplinary Action Projects --- Teams of MBAs work to produce valuable results and recommendations for corporate, startup, and nonprofit organizations and to meet high academic standards with respect to data and knowledge acquisition, analysis, critical thinking, decision-making, recommendations formulation, and creating important plans and programs that effect the success of the organization. Projects such as developing a business plan, a strategic plan, a marketing plan, a market entry assessment and entry plan, a growth plan, a new product launch plan, or a spin-out of a new venture are examples of what the course will offer sponsors and participants. These types of projects will cover international, domestic, and local issues, have field work of varying lengths of time both in the U.S. and in international locations, and will offer participants a wide range of options.

Taught By
Izak Duenyas
  • Associate Dean for Executive Programs, Herrick Professor of Business
  • Professor of Technology and Operations
  • Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Faculty Director, Executive MBA Program
Izak Duenyas is interested in supply chain management and coordination, revenue management in a variety of industries, evaluation of investment...
Andy Lawlor
  • Lecturer of Entrepreneurship
  • Lecturer of Strategy
  • Director, Global MBA Projects for Ross & The William Davidson Institute
Andrew Lawlor's research focuses on entrepreneurship, new business development, corporate venturing, strategic planning, market development, and...