Global Finance

Course Code
EMBA 608

1.5 hours

Global Finance --- This course will enable you to evaluate cross-border opportunities using the fundamental principles of finance. We will start this class by understanding the relationships between interest rates and expected inflation rates in different countries/regions of the world. This part of the course will complement the learning you will acquire in other global classes offered in the program. We will then use these relations to augment the valuation frameworks developed in EMBA 602 and 627, with the specific purpose of valuing cross-border investment opportunities. The goal of this class is to enable you to become a strategic thinker by building a capability to evaluate, and compare and contrast, different opportunities with the objective of maximizing the value of the entire firm. You will become a better decision-maker because you will be able to focus on the real drivers of business and value creation, rather than on the ambiguity and noise surrounding all real life situations.