Health Care Strategy

Course Code

2.25 hours
(STRATEGY 502 or 557 or waiver) or MPH or MHSA

Strategy for Health Care Organizations --- This is a case-based course that takes a macro-level view of the health care industry and seeks to understand, analyze, and craft winning strategies for the organizations that compete in the health care industry. Health care industry participants sectors addressed include: insurance companies, large employers, academic medical centers, integrated delivery systems / hospitals, long-term care / hospice, and pharmaceutical companies. Special topics addressed include: healthcare equity, and end-of-life care, strategic planning, healthcare-value, and healthcare disparities. The culmination of the course is a competitive simulation where student teams will develop a soup-to-nuts strategy and growth plan for a health care company Within a particular sector and compete against one another as the environment experiences a competitive "twist." A thorough understanding of either the basic tools of strategy or the US healthcare system is prerequisite for the course; non-business students with a background in healthcare (e.g., public health) are encouraged to enroll.