International Marketing

Course Code
MKT 315

3 hours

International Marketing --- The course focuses on problems of marketing across national borders, marketing within foreign countries and the coordination of global marketing. Range of marketing activities includes market research, the four marketing "p's", planning, organization, and control.

This course aims to familiarize students with issues facing the marketing manager in a globalized and international market place. It seeks to build knowledge and skills concerning factors affecting international marketing decisions: researching and targeting country markets; developing global market entry strategies; planning and implementing marketing strategies for one or more overseas markets (including issues of pricing, promotion, marketing communications, and distribution); and managing international marketing organizations. Marketing problems arising from various degrees of foreign involvement (indirect and direct exports, licensing, franchising, foreign subsidiaries, and greenfield projects) are also studied.

This course is designed to enable students to: (1)   Understand the external forces shaping marketing decisions in international markets; (2)   Identify, analyze, and resolve strategic international marketing decisions through selection of appropriate market entry strategies and adaptation or standardization of marketing programs; and (3) Adapt tactical mix variables to diverse international markets, and 4) Understand how to organize international marketing programs to execute these strategies.

While primarily targeted toward business school students, the course is open to students elsewhere in the University.