Leadership Coaching Practicum

Course Code
MO 625

3 hours

Leadership Coaching Practicum --- The goal of this 3-credit course is to provide MBA2s with expertise in leadership coaching, culminating in their serving as team process improvement coaches to MBA1 MAP teams. During the first half of the course (January/February), MBA2 students will learn best practices for coaching teams toward success and will prepare to be Team Process Coaches for MBA1 MAP teams. During the second half of the course (March/April), each MBA2 in the course will become a team process coach for one or two MAP teams. Their goal will be to help the MAP team(s) learn how to effectively manage their team processes so the team can achieve better results and greater learning through their MAP experience. MBA 2s will emerge from this practicum equipped to launch their careers with deeper knowledge of best practices for leadership coaching and direct experience in coaching teams toward success.

The most effective leaders know how to bring out the best in individuals and teams.  This course is built on the assumption that the best way to learn about creating high performing teams before you graduate from Ross is to actually do some team coaching.  In this course, you will learn best practices for coaching teams by serving as an MBA2 team process coach for two MBA1 MAP teams. You will help each of these teams address the challenges of becoming an effective team and working together to create a high quality MAP project.  This 3-credit course requires the same number of hours as a typical 3-credit course, though the course is designed with more flexibility, particularly while you are doing the MAP team process coaching.  The course is divided into two parts:  (1) You will learn best practices for team leadership and coaching in class sessions during Winter A; (2) You will provide team coaching to two MAP teams during March and April.  Please note that this course is reserved for Full-Time MBA2s.