Leading High Growth Firms

Course Code
ES 569

1.5 hours
Graduate Standing

Leading High Growth Firms --- You will have the opportunity to explore being a CEO, owner and/or entrepreneur of a high growth business. This course will focus on understanding the key success factors in leading high growth firms that are past the start-up phase - firms growing from approximately $10 million in revenues to over $50 million in a 3-5 year time frame. We will discuss the evolution of the CEO role and the needs of the organization as it scales and learn the key concepts, frameworks and tools essential to leading high growth firms successfully. Topics will include making the transition from founder/entrepreneur to CEO, assembling and leading a strong team (internal and external), establishing a winning culture, developing alignment and accountability through a clear strategic plan, implementing scalable operating systems, capital funding for growth and more. The course will focus on execution of high growth. Successful entrepreneurs who have grown their own businesses will share their experiences for students to see these concepts in action. This course will be industry agnostic recognizing that the concepts, frameworks and tools for leading high growth firms apply to all industries, from high tech software to low tech industrial. The course utilizes cases, outside speakers, supplemental readings and active student discussion.