Leading People and Organizations

Course Code
MO 533

2.25 hours
(OMBA or Evening MBA) and (No credit in MO 501 or 503 or 552 or waivers)

Human Behavior and Organization --- Leading People and Organizations prepares you to lead high-performing, successful groups and organizations and seeks an understanding of human behavior to enhance management practice. The primary objective of this course is to provide you with rigorous, analytical frameworks for understanding how to diagnose organizational problems, develop solutions that appreciate the complexity of your organizational context, and lead your group or organization in the implementation of more effective strategy and action. You will learn how to influence others without relying on formal power and authority, negotiate and make effective decisions in uncertain and complex environments, as well as how to build and utilize your social capital. You will learn how to effectively manage conflict, organize, and lead teams. Finally, you will develop skills that enable you to manage organizational boundaries, initiate and drive organizational change, and align people and organizational processes in ways that enable your organization to thrive in today's dynamic, competitive, and global marketplace.