Management as a Calling

Course Code
MO 635

1.5 hours
FTMBA or MAcc or GMBA or MSCM or MM

Management as a Calling --- This course is a series of immersive retreat experiences designed to help you look deep inside yourself to discern your calling, moving away from the simple pursuit of a career for private personal gain and towards a vocation that is based on a higher and more internally derived purpose about leading commerce and serving society. Understanding purpose requires discernment to connect your career to living a life, and not just earning a living. This program will help you examine your idea of what kind of a leader you want to be, what kind of career you want to have, and what kind of legacy you want to leave. The structure of this program includes two remote retreats for guided self-examination and discernment based on four components: (1) readings, (2) guided lectures and exercises, (3) peer mentoring and feedback, and (4) periods of self-reflection. The final outputs will be your Personal Mission Statement and Letter to Your Future Self. This course is capped at 40 slots and requires an application to be accepted. It is available to business students in their final year of study: master of management, second-year graduates, and third-year dual degree students.