Negotiation Strategy

Course Code
MO 412

3 hours
BBA Sophomore or BBA Junior or BBA Senior or BusAd Minor

Negotiation Strategy --- Business leaders need persuasive negotiation strategies to explore opportunities, engage in conversations with relevant experts and stakeholders, identify challenges, and ambitiously pursue implementable solutions to sustainably co-create value. The resources you invest, whom you engage in conversations, and what you expect to achieve in return, are open to both explicit and implicit negotiations. Through class experiences, you will learn a strategic framework for negotiating in a global economy - a set of concepts and principles integral to preparing, negotiating, and evaluating the negotiation process and its outcomes. The framework focuses on value creation and claiming in day-to-day conversations about resources at work, business opportunities, and high stake deals. Engaging in experiential learning, you will develop a solid grasp of the science of negotiation, while developing a personally tailored approach to achieve extraordinary negotiated outcomes.