Strategies for Growth

Course Code
3 hours
  • Fall 21
  • Fall 22
(STRATEGY 502 or CSIB 502 or CS 502 or STRATEGY 591 or CSIB 591 or CS 591 or STRATEGY 601 or CSIB 601 or CS 601) and (no credit in STRATEGY 772)

Strategies for Growth --- A major challenge facing most companies (and business units) is how to grow the organization. This course will develop a framework for determining the direction of growth: market penetration, globalization, vertical integration, related diversification and unrelated diversification, and the mode of growth: organic growth, alliances, and mergers and acquisitions. The organizational challenges in implementing the growth strategy will also be discussed.

Taught By
Aneel Karnani
  • Professor of Strategy
Professor Karnani's interests are focused on three topics: strategies for growth, global competition, and the role of business in society. He studies...