Want to know what the world’s top executives are thinking? Find out with the Michigan Ross strategy faculty.

Get inside the heads of the world’s top executives with the Michigan Ross strategy faculty.

You’ll learn what drives big business decisions, as well as the consequences of those decisions. What sets Michigan Ross apart is how you’ll learn to apply ideas from many disciplines — economics, organizational theory, social psychology, and sociology — to business strategy. This diversity of ideas prepares you for the real business world, where you’ll be expected to spawn new ideas. The Michigan Ross approach also gives you a relevant picture of the corporation’s growing role in society.

Felipe Csaszar, Chair

Lisa Kolander, Faculty Support Administrator

Strategy Faculty Directory

Felipe Csaszar
Professor of Strategy
Area Chair of Strategy
Felipe Csaszar is a professor of strategy and chair of the Strategy Department at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. His research...
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Strategy PhD Program

Strategy's doctoral program is a research-oriented program designed to prepare students for careers in academia.

The program emphasizes:

  1. rigorous coursework that prepares students to conduct all aspects of strategic management research from theory building to sophisticated empirical research;
  2. close collaboration with faculty on research projects, beginning early in the program and continuing to graduation and beyond;
  3. socialization of students into a career of academic research and teaching, including regular participation in research colloquia and informal interaction with and mentoring from faculty.

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Seminar Series for the Strategy department. 

Business+Tech provides opportunities for students across campus of every comfort level to learn, grow, and experience real-world tech concepts in action through cross-disciplinary events, a wide variety of courses, and alliances with organizations, faculty, and alumni.